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66 Lb Treadle Hammer
2x72 inch 1HP Belt Grinder
Base for small Helve Hammer
Based on Plans on IForgeIron
Small Fly Press
Fly Press Drawing (click to enlarge)
Fly Press Ram Detail
34 Lb Rusty-type Power Hammer on Temp Trailer
Power Hammer Drawing(click to enlarge)
Some Power Hammer Parts
Power Hammer Dies
Cut From 4340 Shaft
Power Hammer Guide Assembly
Power Hammer Ram and Guide Drawing
Relining 25 Lb Jardine Power Hammer Clutch
25 Lb Jardine Power Hammer Clutch/Pulley- severe corrosion and crack in clutch ring.
New ring machined from heavy pipe and bolted into pulley
Copyright, Don Sinclaire, 2011
Western Canadian Blacksmiths'Guild