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Hammer handles are normally held in place with vertical wooden wedge followed by a barbed diagonal metal wedge. The handle must be carved, filed or sanded for a close initial fit, and the hole in the hammer should be a bit larger at the front and back of the hammer head for a firm long lasting fit.

An other alternative was presented by Uri Hofi of Hofi Hammer fame. He uses a polyurethane adhesive. The handle has a loose fit, and a couple of grooves around the end that is inside the hammer to help with adhesion. I have a Hofi hammer, and the handle is still solid after about 10 years.

The adhesive is Sikaflex 11FC or 3M 5200. I could not find either one locally. I checked the Sika website and found out that 11FC has been renamed:

Hammer Handle Installation - Hafting a Hammer
SikaBond Pro Select Construction Adhesive,

and is available at Rona. It might not be in the regular adhesive/sealant aisle so look in the roofing section by the flashing and tar etc. A 300 ml caulking tube costs about $7.00.

It might be useful if you have a good but loose fitting handle on a few hammers and don't want to replace them yet. Make sure the handle remains straight while it cures (24 hrs). Seal the end of the tube with tape after use, and you can probably get the tube started again a week or two later

I just used some on a hatchet with a forge welded eye that I did not want to burst open by driving a wedge in too tightly.

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